Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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No, not the month, the cat.  We have a very, very large cat named October.  I'm a dog person and a bird person (more on that another day) but not a cat person, so October and I have a somewhat wary relationship with one another.

I suppose he's a nice cat, as far as cats go, but I'm not sure that any cat could truly win my affections.  I think this goes back to childhood, and I can pin it on my dad, who hated cats with a passion and pretended to be allergic to them so he'd never have to see them, if he was at someone else's house.  (We always said "pretend," because if he didn't know the cat was there, surprise, he didn't develop any symptoms.)  Of course, my mother didn't like birds, she said they were dirty and spread disease, and I got over that one.

I think what gets me about cats is that (at least as far as I can see) they don't really care whether you like them or not, and for someone with the character flaw of needing everyone to like her (that would be me), cats just don't fit the bill.  A dog or a bird will be utterly devoted to you, to the point of defending you against intruders, saving your life, etc.  I don't think I've ever heard of a cat saving anyone's life, or chasing an intruder off -- our cat generally disappears the moment anyone sets foot in the house.  I'm sure cat people out there will rush to set me straight about cats not caring -- maybe it's just that cats don't care about liking me.  I guess that could be the case.

October and I try to stay out of each other's way (except when he lies in the hall in the middle of the night -- a black cat in the dark) and generally tolerate each other (except for that time when he peed on the quilt on my side of the bed).  We get along all right. 


Nancy said...

We never had a cat either growing up -- my mom did not like them, but we've got 11 here at the farm, mostly black. The 9 that are outside are there for mousing purposes. My two indoor cats, Angus and Maggie, have been with me for many years and Angus would probably win your heart. Very friendly and smoochy. :)

Cats aren't for everyone and I respect your honesty. October is a beauty, though.

Kenna said...

My daughter has a French cat, starts with a "C", named Foster (a foster cat from a home). He's huge and grey, 20 pounds, also she adopted a tiny Siamese named Molly (found in a mall) who's 5 pounds. They've learned to tolerate one another. And no, I don't think either of them would win your heart although they're adorable (says I who don't like dogs much). So what kind of dog(s) do you have, Elise?

I want to be a Bodhisattva. So far I've failed.

Interesting blog. Interesting writing and photographs. Thanks to your friend Sue for referring me here. Hope you don't mind the intrusion, Mythlady.

Privet and Holly said...

What a beautiful
picure. I hope that
the two of you will
find your way to each
other and beyond just
not getting in each
other's way. Life is
too short for that!
Even cats that pretend
they don't care about
you really do....They
just don't always know
how to show it : )
xx Suzanne

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

We don't have dogs or birds at this point -- since October was a member of the family before I was, he has seniority and I wouldn't trust him with a bird (well, except for Tybbie, my Moluccan cockatoo -- I don't think a cat in the world would mess with her. More on Tybbie another day).

Thanks for your comments, everyone --

Gale Wall said...

Cat woman here! Well, a woman with two cats. Our Sidney just turned 17 and as long as you feed him he could care less about interacting with you. My diva, Sophie, will be 13 in the fall. She is a needy thing but I prefer to refer to it as loving. She loves to cuddle and has to sleep under the blankets cradled next to you. She is my garden swing buddy. I could go on and on...she is my daily companion and I can't imagine a day without her. We love dogs too but haven't had one since Sasha died in 1999. Go give October a smooch on the head and scratch behind the ear!

Tara said...

October is so pretty! Look at those eyes!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Thanks, Gale and Tara. It is a nice picture -- but he's not a particularly cuddly cat . . .