Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Things I Love to Do -- Part II

Continuing the list from the other day: 

6.  I love to watch a good movie.  Don't we all?  Don't you love it, when you're transported out of your ordinary life for a couple of hours?  Some of my favorites:  Cinema Paradiso; Casablanca; Jean de Florette; Love, Actually (a bathtub CD, but an excellent one)I could go on but will save further discussion of movies for another day.
7.  I love to travel.  Well, okay, actually I don't like the traveling part at all, but I like it once I get to where I'm going and am settled in my home-away-from-home and able to relax and enjoy a new place.  My husband and I have a long list, which we're hoping to be able to start checking off:  London, Paris, Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), Greece to Istanbul, St. Petersburg . . . the list goes on.  Hope to be blogging about these places soon.

8.  I love to play computer games, RPGs* in particular.  Okay, I've said it.  I'm sure it seems somewhat incongruous for someone who's supposed to be an academic, but I've been playing them since my ex went into the computer industry in the late '70's.  I've played everything from the original Bard's Tale and Castle Wolfenstein to Assassin's Creed:  Brotherhood and Dragon Age II, both of which are calling my name right now, but I don't have time to play.  :(  I love the experience of becoming immersed in a world for a few weeks or months, building up a character that's a reflection of yourself (I always wind up a human Paladin), and living out an interesting story that's much more exciting than your real life could ever be.  More on that another time as well.

9.  I love to write.  But you probably knew that.
10.  I love spending time with my husband.  I have been blessed, this late in life, to find the man of my dreams, an excellent man, who supports me in everything I do, who allows me to be who I am, and who takes care of me in the ways I like/need to be taken care of.  I hope I return the favor to him, every day.

This has given me lots of ideas for future blog posts.  Thanks, Cat!  I invite you to do the same, on your blog.

[*Role playing games, mostly of  the fantasy kind.]


Evelyn S. said...

It's good to read posts like yours and to be reminded of things I love, too. Beautiful photographs as well as beautiful words.

Amy said...

Hi, I came over from the Texture Tuesday linkup to see your photo of the tulip. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the pink tones in the background.

stepko said...

Oo soo beautiful photos on your great post!! Love how you used the texture on your amazing tulip photo!! soo great spring photo!! And I love the sunset and boat photo so much, too!! Really makes me want to travel immediatley, too!! aww!!
Was big fun for me to read your post and dream!! Thank you!!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Thanks very much for your comments -- Amy, the pink tones come from Kim Klassen's textures too --

Melinda said...

Love your tulip! Beautiful color- and use of texture!

julochka said...

very nice list. it's good to consciously think about the things you love once in awhile, isn't it? i was a little surprised by the role playing games thing. people are just so fascinating!


Elise Ann Wormuth said...

I know, it's a little strange, but then I'm sure we are all a little odd in one way or another . . . :) Thanks for your comments.