Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Big Night

Well, who's going to be up with me in the middle of the night?  Come on, we can live blog together!  I'm setting my clock for 2 AM PDT, to see William and Harry leave Clarence House!  Who's with me?  :)

2:25 AM -- Live blogging -- my alarm went off at 2:00; for one minute, I considered staying in my nice warm bed, but no -- I wouldn't miss this for the world.  Will (in a beautiful red uniform) and Harry (the little devil) just arrived at Westminster.  Now Kate's mother has just left the hotel and is on her way.  Crowds of hundreds of thousands (millions?) are lining the streets and cheering everyone on.

2:30 -- Trying to decide on a channel, I think I'm settling on CNN.  I love Anderson Cooper and they have Vera Wang on to talk about the dress.  And they have Piers Morgan  and that woman from So You Think You Can Dance.  I don't want to listen to the ancient Barbara Walters :p  Her mother looks lovely in pale grey, with a really nice hat (ah, the hats).  Now her mother's going into the church.  It looks like a lot of people are sitting on folding chairs.

2:38 -- The "minor royals" are arriving.  Amazing hats.  And here come Charles and Camilla (that homewrecker).  She looks about as good as she can look, I guess.  Oh my goodness, the York girls have on ridiculous hats!  Towering creations.  And here's Granny, lovely in yellow, on her way with Prince Phillip.  All the little flower girls are on their way now.  

2:47 -- Any moment now, The Dress!  Kate will be coming out of the hotel.  But it looks like they have a covered walkway going right up to the limo.  We won't see much.  The Queen has arrived.  Big trumpet fanfare.  Now we will get a very brief glimpse of Kate -- ooh, a photographer (also in a fancy hat) is taking pics of Kate as she gets into the car.  She's in -- V-neck, lace top and sleeves.  Veil over the face.  Hair pretty much down.   They're handing in her train and skirt bit by bit -- her father's got it on his lap.  Here they go.  She has a huge smile and some gorgeous teardrop earrings.  Now the little 'uns (with Kate's sister) are going into the church.  Her sister looks amazing.  A very slim dress with a v-neck.  Vera Wang is predicting a very full skirt and long train (we couldn't see it as she got into the car).

3:00 -- Here she is, right on time.  Vera's right about the full skirt.  Her hair looks like it's in curls down her back.  Long train, but not too long.  Beautiful veil, elbow length in front, longer in the back, with flowers around the edge.  The whole train looks embroidered.  Here they go into the church.  Big fanfare and choir singing as she and her father wait to walk down the aisle.  Harry and Wills are coming in at the front of the church.  Harry looks uncharacteristically solemn; William has a big grin.  But now Harry is peeking down the aisle and has made some kind of a joke.  She's arrived at the altar, William told her she looks beautiful and then made a joke they all chuckled about.  Wow, what a huge place that is.  New post for the ceremony --


Kristy Hom said...

The kids and I might be up, watching it on YouTube, if we get our sleepy selves out of bed!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Okay! I'm off to sleep for a few hours . . .