Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo-Heart Connection

I posted this pic a few days ago, but I'm linking it up to kateyestudio's photo-heart connection meme.  I wanted to write a bit about it as I linked up.

I just processed the picture in this particular way a week or so ago, but it's a picture I took in April of 2007, about 4 months into my photographic journey.  I remember the day vividly -- I often, at that time, got out early to see dawn at Lake Merced in San Francisco, wandering around to see the birds and rowing teams and sunshine through the trees and so on.  Several docks thrust out into the lake, and one had a little seating area at the end, so I headed out there.  Once at the seating area, I turned around to look at the bank, and there, right next to it, was this beautiful heron.  I started taking pictures, and with each couple of shots, I moved a step closer, until I was quite close to him.  He let me take pics of him for a long time, and then finally flew away.  Here's the original pic:

I was so thrilled when I looked at the pictures!  At the time, I had a high-end point-and-shoot camera, and it took great pics.  I processed several and posted them on my flickr page, and then went back last week -- over five years later -- to work with it some more.

To me, this photo is about growth.  It makes me think how far I've come in ability (though some of those p&s pics were pretty darned good), in equipment (from there went to Rebel, 40D, and now 7D), and artistic ability -- at this point I use textures and various other manipulations to create what is, really, digital art.  In five years, I've gone from being an utter noob to taking part in Santa Cruz's Open Studios this year.  

I'm very fond of this heron, because he makes me realize where this photography journey has taken me. 


Anonymous said...

A very beautiful piece of art to remind you of your journey...it is wonderful to be able to have touchstones that remind us of how much we have grown.

Kat Sloma said...

How beautiful to see your growth in this way! I love how we can look back and see where we were like this. It helps us remember how far we've come. Bravo. Thank you so much for joining the Photo-Heart Connection!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Thanks very much, Danielle and Kat -- I appreciate your stopping by.

MaggieGem said...

Love the art you've made... so much growth can be seen in this work, and a great story too!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing such kind words, it's always nice to meet new friends! :-)

Bohemian said...

Isn't it Wonderful when one of God's Amazing Wild Creatures gives us a Special Moment near them... it always makes me feel so very privileged. On a 119 degree day last Summer I sat and rested under the shade of a Tree and several Wild Creatures escaping the intense Heat sat right beside me... literally, and without fear, it was a Memorable Moment to be Trusted and so very close! This Heron and the Art he/she Inspired is Beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by for a Visit and Shopping with me Virtually. *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Ida said...

This is lovely. It really shows off the gracefulness and the beauty of this wonderful bird. So artistic.