Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Space of One's Own

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I think I've mentioned before that I have a 75-mile commute (each way) to my office -- which makes it difficult to just stop by the office for a while, to get in a couple hours' work or clean up a few odds and ends, or whatever.  At the same time, I don't work very well at home -- I'm easily distracted and never accomplish much.  (Are you able to work at home?)  So a while ago, I decided to look for an office that was close to home.

I investigated a number of different possibilities, including what they call "co-working" spaces -- basically a big room where you grab a seat, plug in your laptop, and work surrounded by other people.  This kind of "cafe membership" can cost up to $199 a month, and I didn't think I'd be that much better off than at home -- lots of distractions there.

I finally found the perfect place, a small (8 x 10 or so) office that I share with a few other people -- a real estate broker, a hydrogeologist, a filmmaker -- I have my individual office and then there's a small lobby space with coffee, a fridge, microwave, etc.  I took it in January and so have been there four months at this point.

I love it.  At first I began to just do work for my "real" job, but as things have evolved, I'm doing more and more of my "art" job there, too.  I have all the frames I've picked up at garage sales there, I now have a mat cutter (an excellent purchase), a giant roll of brown craft paper, a box of bubble wrap, everything I need to turn out finished pictures.  My framed photos are hanging on the walls.

I can't tell you how much I like having this space.  In one way, I guess it's extravagant (though it costs only marginally more than a "cafe membership"), but I've come to love it so much, having a place of my own to get away to.  It's also strengthened my identity as an artist/photographer -- yes, I work on my laptop, planning my classes there, but I also do a lot of photography work, and last quarter when we had to do a still life in my drawing class, I set it up there and was able to leave it up for the three weeks we worked on that project -- I couldn't have done it at home.  A friend and I also spent one Sunday matting and framing all the pictures for my show that's currently going on -- again, would have been very hard to accomplish everything we did at home.

What do you have for a space?  Do you have a home office where you can actually work or feel like an artist?  I'm curious to know how it works for other people.


Margaret said...

I love roses in sepia or b&w. I find it hard to find a "perfect" rose without any blemishes at all. But I think when done in b&w (or sepia) it just adds to the charm.

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Ah, well that's where the magic of cloning helps. I cloned out a little ant on this rose :)

Nancy said...

Very pretty photo, Elise!

I used to have an office in the house, but now its a storage room. Just as well. It is upstairs and I didn't like being separated from the doggies while I was "creating."

Now I have a little corner in the downstairs great room with a small vintage kitchen table serving as my computer table. When I need more room, I move over to the dining table. It's all good. :)

Linda Makiej said...

your sepia is stunning!

lisa said...

Sounds like you've found a perfect place Elise!
This is a wonderful photograph.
I love the sepia tones.

texwisgirl said...

glad you have found a comfortable work spot that works well for you! i made an hour commute into the city for many years, then negotiated an opportunity to work from home which lasted 4 mos (until my employer announced it was selling to another corporation). now i use my 'home office' as my blog space and drawing space as well as guest bedroom. a little crowded, but it works. :)

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Thanks very much, everyone --