Thursday, July 26, 2012

Procrastination --

I'm sitting here thinking I should shut my laptop and get busy -- I need to get ready to go on a trip.  Although I like to be somewhere on vacation, I don't like the process of getting there.  So much to get ready, so much to think about -- passports, pick up dry cleaning, get that prescription refilled, don't forget this and that.  Oh, and get the house all picked up so that the friends staying with our cats don't think I'm even more slovenly than is usually apparent.  

We're heading for Vancouver, a place I love but one my dear one and daughter have never been to.  Three days in downtown Vancouver and three days in Victoria.   We're going to drive he** bent for leather there and back to maximize the time we have there -- two days from the Central Coast of California.  It's a long haul.  But, I'm looking forward to it . . . if I can ever get up off this couch.

 Butchart Gardens, here I come!


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Ms. Becky said...

Hi Elise
I hope you have a beautiful time in Vancouver. I've always wanted to go there - bring back loads of photos! And don't get too stressed out in the readiness part. Do what is necessary and leave the rest, that's what I say.
About my juicer - it's an Omega and I do like it very much. I used to have a Champion but lost it in my divorce. I almost got another one but after doing weeks and weeks of research on every juicer imaginable, I went with the Omega. Easy to clean, and a masticating juicer like the Champion. Easy to clean was at the top of my list because it's true what they say - the best juicer for you is the one you use. If I dread using it I won't. hope this helps. I really needed to make some health-style changes and it's been a blessing. have the time of your life in Vancouver. happy week to you.