Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 3 notes

To my dear one:  Thank you so much for crawling under the bed, moving all the furniture, sorting through the sheets and blankets, and feeling all the way along underneath the wall vent until you found my wedding ring, which I couldn't even see when I looked under there.  When I dropped it, I thought, no problem, I'll just pick it up when I've put my other jewelry on, but when I bent to pick it up . . . it was gone and I was so upset.  But you stuck with it until you found it.  I'll never understand how it rolled so far and got itself so hidden, but you found it.  xoxoxoxo

So, day 3 of our trip.  A nice trolley tour of Stanley Park, a great dinner at Joe Fortes (great mussels, oysters, and halibut), and then a short visit to the Chinatown Night Market.  I was pretty tired, so while Ed and Grace walked around, I parked myself in front of a stage where various people were singing.  I was enchanted with this young Chinese guy singing "Jamaica Farewell" and other Chinese songs -- he was very popular with the elderly ladies who were sitting and watching with me.  And one venerable gentleman was dancing up a storm.  I totally enjoyed it.  

But, no photos!  Yesterday, I sent three of my pictures from my cell phone to my email and got a message from T-Mobile that I'd incurred $50 of roaming charges!!  Yikes!  

And I was sure I had brought my card reader to take pics off my camera, but I guess I left it at home.  :(  So no new pics until I get back to California on Friday!  I'm bummed.  Above, a leftover (very expensive) picture of Mt. Shasta from yesterday.  And here's an extra treat:

 This is my gorgeous grand-nephew, Zeelan.  Don't you think he has the sweetest face?  And the bluest eyes . . . 

More tomorrow.  And more pics as soon as we hit Washington again!


LadyD said...

Zeelan has the face of an angel and reminds me of the sweet children we heard sing in the choir at the opening Olympic ceremonies. It's wonderful to travel along with you on your summer vacation.

beth said...

zeelan is beautiful !!
and all that a bruise i can see :)