Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 4 -- back in the blogging business

Here we are on Day 4 of our trip, and I solved the photo problem by going to Best Buy in Vancouver (the biggest one I've ever seen) to buy a card reader so I could get the pics out of the camera (my cable no longer works, unfortunately).  And then we had to go back to Best Buy, because of course I picked up the wrong one (SD reader when I needed CF).  Sigh.

 Reflections on a building across the street.  They look like totems to me.

So, we had a nice day today.  We got a fairly late start, which frustrates Ed but is fine with me -- I'm actually sleeping all night for some reason and sleeping until 8 or 8:30, which is "sleeping in" for me.  Then we drove over to Granville Island and enjoyed exploring the shops there -- I bought a nice ceramic plate in the shape of a pie piece (pic to come later) by a local artist.  It's very pretty -- grey and green.  It's only in the shape of a piece of pie; it doesn't have a piece of pie on it.  :)

 Bored in a shoe store while Gracie shops.  She asks to see one . . . pair . . . at . . . a . . . time . . .

Then we had a very nice lunch at a Chinese restaurant with a waiter who was very amusing, and then drove around because when you ask Grace, well, what would you like to do, she answers "Drive around."  She likes to look at stuff, and so we did.  Then Ed went to a museum (Matisse, Picasso, other nice paintings collected by a Baltimore lady who maybe had a relationship with Gertrude Stein before Gertrude and Alice got together).  And now Ed and Grace are driving around some more, while I enjoy the peace and quiet and view out my hotel windows, watching the light reflecting off all the buildings.

Here's one from last night at the Night Market in Chinatown.  This kid was so entertaining -- he was a real showman, had a great smile and sense of style, and all the Chinese elders taking their ease loved him.  I had to laugh when he began to sing "Jamaica Farewell" in between what were clearly Chinese popular songs -- he had so much fun with leaving a girl in Kingston town . . . 

 I'm sorry I didn't get his name --

So, tomorrow we hop on the ferry to Victoria.  I'm excited to get to Butchart Gardens in the next couple of days -- it's been a long spell since I've been there!  

Hope everyone is having summer fun -- 


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Calling by as another participant from Favourite Photo Monday, the first photo you posted is my favourite it is stunning.