Monday, July 23, 2012

Check out this photographer/painter

This morning in the Santa Cruz Sentinel there was a story about a local photographer, retired orthopedic surgeon Mark Wainer.  He does "painterly" photographs so of course my husband pointed the article out to me. 

One of Mark Wainer's beautiful photographs

I found this reproduced on another website, so I hope it's okay to reproduce it here, with a link to Mark Wainer's website.

I was surprised (and delighted) at his work; I had expected that a "painterly" photograph would be something like mine, but they are really not at all.  I think where mine look like photographs manipulated to look like paintings, his look like paintings done in a hyper-realistic style that looks like photography (though he does start with a photograph).

What do you think?  I think his work is beautiful.  When I look at some of his landscapes and seascapes, I wonder whether he turns them into HDRs before he starts the painting part of the process.  They look kind of like HDR, which would contribute to the "photorealistic" feel of his work.

Do you like it?


Nancy Claeys said...

Seems he may use a variety of software to achieve the look of his photos -- no doubt he's beginning with an outstanding image to begin with, that helps.

I play a little with hdr and underpainting for fun, but don't usually publish them on my blog.

Deanna said...

this is beautiful, isn't it amazing what manipulation can do to a photograph...thanks for sharing his link.