Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Queen for a Day

Last Friday I had an experience that will be with me until the day I die:  I attended a retirement party given in my honor at my university.  It was an incredible extravaganza (I have some very creative colleagues) that included not only speeches but songs with rewritten lyrics, a video of people talking about me, and . . . 

 The front of the crown

A crown!!! This amazing piece of art was made by my dear colleague Margaret, an artist as well as a university employee.  Margaret poured all her talent into crafting this beautiful memento.  I wore it for a minute, but didn't want it to fall off and break, so it sat on the pillow she also made.

It includes many things that are so meaningful to me -- the snakes represent my long interest in the Medusa; there's a griffon and a dragon, representing my overall interest in mythology, words related to my teaching and books, books, books all over it.
 The interior of the crown

 It was such a wonderful event -- I felt that I could hardly deserve all of the attention and affection.  Happily, my son and daughter were there, as well as my husband -- I wasn't sure my son would make it, but I browbeat him until he came.  His comment:  "I didn't know it was going to be this big of a deal!"

 The side of the crown

It was a big deal, seriously.  I was sure I would cry, but in fact I laughed all the way through it, it was so delightful.  The only time I choked up was when I had to give thanks for everything they'd done.

  Me, looking silly/happy in my crown
Here's a fuzzy cell phone pic of me wearing the crown.  It was a very, very happy day of my life. 


TexWisGirl said...

congratulations! so glad you were able to laugh through it rather than cry. that crown is amazing! what a sweet and personal remembrance!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Thank you -- it was a wonderful time.

Jeanne said...

How awesome that you were honored in this way, and know it must have been so fun and meaningful to you. Love that shot of you in your crown, and know you will save it forever. lucky you and happy retirement! know it will be awesome

Anonymous said...

How awesome!!! What a wonderful celebration and memory.

Candy C. said...

Congratulations to you!! The crown is a beautiful memento! :)

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Thanks, you all --

Unknown said...

Wow auntie that crown is amazing! Very cool. Love you and congrats! Enjoy your art!