Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ah, Summer Vacation --

We're off to my niece's wedding in Minnesota today -- I'll take lots of pictures and be back next Wednesday!  Have a great time, everyone!


Ms. Becky said...

hey, back at ya Elise. take good care now.

Ewa said...

enjoy the wedding!
thank you for your lovely comment on my blog:)

Kenna said...

Elise, I enjoy your photos, I confess less the flowers and more the interesting angles and compositions of other subjects. I'd be thrilled if you'd comment on my blogs (both of them), on which I've posted a few very recent photos, taken with a Nikon Coolpix L11 camera (the most basic point 'n' shoot). You inspired me to take up photography as a hobby. I don't have Photoshop or any editing programs, though, so my photos are essentially just cropped and nothing else. A friend made a negative of one of them and it was interesting; an old house. I'd welcome your comments, as I said, and am sure I could learn oodles from you. I'm a senior and this is the best part of my life, in which I'm learning and continuing to grow. You too? I love educators, and I love the way you refer to your spouse as "Beloved." Enjoy the wedding, Elise. And never stop learning. I won't. Sorry I check your blog so infrequently. There are treasures here.