Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More of What I've Been Up To

Things are progressing slowly with my tendinitis -- it's better, but definitely not gone yet.  It's been hard to type and I haven't been able to think about using the mat cutter to get things ready for my show.  I still have two weeks, though -- 

Here's the latest glamor shot of my new baby:

She's so pretty, isn't she?  This is one of her favorite spots, sitting on the bathroom window ledge, looking out at the patio.  She still looks small, but we realize that she's twice the size she was when she first came to us.  Little Buttercup . . . 

We didn't do much for 4th of July, just hung out with some neighbors for a bit, and then set off a few fireworks in the street.  Of course, I had to try to get a few pictures:

They were just little rockets that sat on the pavement, but they were pretty.

We could also see various fireworks in the sky -- fireworks aren't legal in the county, but people manage to set them off, big ones, too.

 What did you do on the 4th?  Anything fun?


texwisgirl said...

love the shot of the kitty with the sun coming thru her ears!

lisa said...

Buttercup is absolutely precious!
These are wonderful photographs, especially the one of her.

Sure glad to hear you are doing better!

Jill said...

Your kitty looks to be as sweet as they come. Glad to hear you are improving..hope it continues.

hootnonny said...

Buttercup is a sweetie! I listened to the fireworks!