Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Very Nice Day!

Today my new camera and I headed up to Berkeley to stay overnight, have dinner with my son, and breakfast tomorrow with my dear, dear friend.  I went for the first time to Annie's Annuals in Richmond, just north of Berkeley.  It's a fabulous huge nursery with incredible plants, and their "demonstration gardens" are wonderful.  I wandered around for quite a while, lusting for this and that, but fortunately for my credit card balance, I couldn't really buy anything because I won't get home until late tomorrow night and I can't leave plants in the car all day in the hot sun tomorrow.  So I got two succulents.  :)  Here's a picture (not taken by me) that shows you only a part of the vastness of the place:

They do a lot of mail-order business and I've gotten a few things from them that way.  But I wanted to see it for myself, so of course my camera came with me.  Here's one I took:

 Everything is soooo beautiful.  They must have a battalion of workers there to do all the deadheading and so on.  Check it out, if you like garden stuff.

I'm staying tonight at the Berkeley City Club -- a beautiful building designed by Julia Morgan in the Thirties.  It's very goth in its style, and there are beautiful vignettes all over the building.  Tomorrow morning before I meet up with my friend, I'm going to go down and snap a few pics.  

I'll have some more pix tomorrow, I hope.


Anne said...

Welcome back! This looks like a beautiful place. Looking forward to see your pictures again :)